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L’Azil escape game is not your typical environment.

Let’s go back to the start.

It was during his trip to Japan in 2009 that Dr Anatole Synaps, Psychologist and game therapist, discovers the first escape games.
Concerned about the state of mental health in our society, he decides to apply these techniques, discovered in the land of the rising sun, to develop new therapies.

Dr Synaps has made the deadly sins his preferred theme for his escape game :

Lust Wrath Sloth Pride Gluttony Greed Envy

L’Azil changes the traditional escape games, and offers group therapies through game play……

The concept is simple; if you manage to complete the mission given to you by Dr Synaps in less than 60 minutes, you will be considered cured, and can return home with a clean bill of health. However, should you remain stuck in therapy after the allotted 60 minutes, you will be committed in L’Azil forever… You know the drill; small padded room, straitjacket…

Will you be able to keep your cool? Will you be able to resist your impulses, to resist temptation? To leave aside your mortal sins?

Don’t be so confident… All sins are intertwined, ridding yourself of one only accentuates the others. There’s enough to work on for a lifetime because, in the end…
Are you ever really cured?

Different game plays

During your therapy session, you will be given different numbers of clues depending on your level of sin. It’ll be up to you to decide which therapist will be supervising you!

Beginner mode

Morphine (Aka Mo)

On demand

Amateur mode

Paracetamol (Aka Para)

4 max

Expert mode

Placébo (Aka Bobo)


So? Tempted to try an atypical activity with friends or family?

To participate to one of L’Azil’s therapeutic adventures, reservations can be made online.
We advise you to book 72h prior for more availability.