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The Azil Escape Game Villeneuve-Loubet

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Available rooms at Villeneuve-Loubet

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    Come to l’Azil. How to get there ?

    By car, train, bus, on foot or by bike, the Azil Escape Game of Villeneuve-Loubet is waiting for you to have a good time with your family, friends or colleagues. Before coming, it is mandatory to book online via our booking platform.

    L'azil escape game, 8 av. du Docteur Lefebvre -1er étage 06270 Villeneuve-Loubet


    8 av. du Docteur Lefebvre
    06270 Villeneuve-Loubet
    1st floor – Above Subway

    BY CAR

    RN7 – Close to the railway station
    Near Casa – La Halle – Nike Factory and Mc Donald’s

    Venir en bus à l'Azil Escape Game, Villeneuve Loubet

    BY BUS

    Line 200 – Stop : « Les Touristes »


    From Antibes, Approx. 6 minutes
    From Nice or Cannes, journey about 20 minutes


    How does L’Azil Escape Game Villeneuve-Loubet works, who can participate, how to do it, what to bring?

    How do I book ?

    The booking is made through our online platform. It allows you to check our availabilities per room (updated in real time) and to book one or several room in the same time. Payment of a deposit using our secure payment system will confirm your booking.

    What time should you arrive ?

    Arrive at the time of your booking slot. Similar to any other doctor’s appointment!

    Since Dr. Synaps welcomes his groups of patients one after the other, if you arrive too early you will have to wait until the previous consult ends. If you are 10 minutes late, the therapy will start without you (if the others in your group have already arrived). Unfortunately, if your entire group is late by more than 25 minutes we will have to cancel your therapeutic session.

    How long is a game session at L’Azil Escape Game ?

    It takes approximately 90 minutes. You have 60 minutes for the mission but around 15 minutes of briefing and 15 minutes of debriefing together.

    What is the size of the team ? Can children participate ?

    Our rooms are designed to be played at 3, 4, 5 or 6 players maximum. To have a complete immersion and game intensity, we don’t advise more than 6 players at once.

    Nevertheless, if you are up to 8 players and you really do not want to be separated in 2 teams, it is possible to be 8 ONLY in the 2 following therapies « LUST: The Hangover » and « SLOTH: Skip School ».

    We recommend the kids to be 10 and over for the sake of understanding the puzzles. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult. From 15 years old, it is not mandatory anymore.

    « SLOTH: Skip School » is not scary at all, there is nothing inappropriate for kids.

    « WRATH: Satan’s Curse » is a creepier game with some elements of horror so we do not recommend this for anyone under 12.

    « LUST: The hangover » for over 16 year olds. Not recommended for the youngest, elements of the game may suggest alcohol or sex.

    Will there be strangers with us ?

    No, it will be just you and whoever you choose to bring. Private games only.

    What do we need to bring ?

    You need to bring your thinking caps! And reading glasses if you need them. Everything else will be prohibited in the room: cell phones, flashlights, lock picks, or any tools are not invited in the room with you—we will have storage lockers for small to medium sized purses or bags for your convenience.

    Can I take photos or videos in the rooms ?

    No photos or videos are allowed to be taken inside our rooms. Please also do not reveal any of the tricks, puzzles or solutions to your friends or family or the public as they may wish to play in the future and it will spoil it for them.

    Is it possible to organise a professional event ? A birthday party ? A bachelor or bachelorette party?

    Yes indeed!

    We can tailor your visit to us! Our sales team is at your disposal to help you develop your project:

    We can also design your custom escape game for your events. At your premises, outdoors, giant escape game, puzzles on the table, Murder Party, we are ready for anything! Designing a game is our passion!

    Visit out Events pages for more details: