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Come and have fun with your family or friends and try to escape from one of our rooms in less than an hour!

An Escape Game for a birthday party will please young and old alike. So why not mix generations? Call your sister, your great-uncle, your neighbour’s brother’s niece and come and take up the challenge together, because the more the merrier!
We can host your special events. You want to organize your child’s birthday or celebrate your own? At L’Azil Escape Game, we welcome everyone from 10 years old*.

*Please note, however, before 14 years of age each group must be accompanied by an adult.


For everyone, including the youngest!

Ours “Gluttony : Wonka’s-factory” and “Sloth : Inglourious “Lazy” Basterds” rooms are for anyone who wants a thrilling, suspenseful mission. They are suitables for everyone, from 8 years old. It is also playable in English.

For the boldest

Our “Wrath: Satan’s curse” will help you master your cool or send you in the depths of rage.. Do you like to be afraid? Do not hesitate!

For the craziest

Our “Lust: The Hangover” room puts you in total immersion in Las Vegas! Reserved for the over 16s, this room puts you to the test to escape the clutches of lust…or not!

How about a custom birthday party?

A birthday present, a joke, an original surprise? Would you like a private space? A catered buffet? A snack? Or even more… Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to make your event unique!

After downloading the invitations, you can complete them digitally in order to send them directly by email