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The room SLOTH : Inglourious “Lazy” Basterds is available ONLY in Villeneuve-Loubet



1941, you have been appointed by the leaders of the Red Orchestra to foil the plans of the German SS officer Josef Mengele, known as “The Angel of Death”. He is currently conducting deadly medical experiments for the Third Reich in a secret location. Particularly interested in identical twins, people with different colored eyes, and dwarfism, Mengele trains his disciples to work in his pathology laboratories near the camps.
Once you’ve infiltrated the center of operations, you’ll need to use your daring, agility, and foresight to blow up this Nazi hideout and escape the hell of the gestapo! Schnell, Schnell! No more time to be lazy, your life is at stake!

The real losers of the war are the dead. Will you be one of them?

A duty to remember

A multitude of playful and offbeat riddles, a historical research of the Second World War under Nazi Germany and 1 hour to get out! Resistance fighters from 12 years old will love this new mission full of emotions!


2-6 players

[ ⚠️  We recommend the kids to be 12 and over for the sake of understanding the puzzles and the spook factor, but we allow kids of all ages to play as long as there is an adult (18+older) with them during the game. ]


salle_escape_game_bilingue_anglaisBilingual room,
playable in English

❄️ Air-conditioned room

This room can be played only in Villeneuve-Loubet

The scenario of this room is also playable in “HORROR” mode.
The puzzles remain the same but the atmosphere will be more frightening.


SLOTH – 60 seconds of general knowledge

Sloth, probably the “least worst” of the capital sin, is intimately linked to procrastination, which is the tendency to always postpone what can be done the same day. The lazy has indeed an unconditional love for restin, often lacks the will and motivation to turn duties into action.

Originally, the Church used the word acedia to designate this capital sin. Acedia meant “spiritual laziness”, that is to say, to lose interest in everything, to believe in nothing, without faith.
The meaning of this capital sin was therefore very different from what it is today.

But in the twenty-first century, contrary to what we believe, lazy moments are far from being a waste of time.
Lazy people actually do more tasks, and identify the easiest and the fastest ways to find solutions to problems. Their senses and sensibilities are constantly awake, because laziness brings creativity, reverie and allows the exploration of new paths.

It is therefore essential to differentiate “harmful laziness”, one that refuses effort, leaves us dissatisfied and drain our energy, from “enjoyment laziness” which gives us the right to have enough time and allow us to do nothing, without remorse or guilt.


Louis Pauwels


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